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CD-ROM Prices (Swiss francs Sfr):

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Logistic Vehicles                       Sfr. 5'800.-
Engineer & Specialist Vehicles  Sfr. 3'000.-
Artillery Systems & Vehicles (excluding SSMs) Sfr. 7'400.-

Armoured Fighting Vehicles & Systems

Sfr. 12'800.-
Air Defence Systems & Vehicles (excluding SAMs) Sfr. 5'400.-
Anti-Tank Systems & Vehicles (excluding A/Tk Missiles) Sfr. 3'300.-
Infantry Weapons                     Sfr. 5'700.-
Infantry Equipment                   Sfr. 3'400.-
Land-based Electronics Systems  Sfr. 5'500.-
World Missiles Inventories      Sfr. 10'200.-

World Fixed-Wing Aircraft Inventories

Sfr. 13'500.-
World Helicopter Inventories    Sfr. 6'000.-
World UAV Inventories              Sfr. 3'000.-

World Military Space Launchers & Satellites

Sfr. 2'065.-

Sfr. 74'000.- 

(saving Sfr. 13'065.-)

* Also available in Omnis 7, giving extended search capability.

N.B. Prices quoted here are for world-wide catalogs. It is possible to order from them only selected countries and/or equipment classes. To view the countries and catalogs on offer follow the links below:

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